You’ve had a light bulb moment and want to develop an app for your business. It’s going to be revolutionary and a money making machine. Mobile apps enable everything from games and entertainment to education, retail and daily productivity and leave a prominent mark on our daily lives. So what sort of things should you consider to make sure you produce a successful app?

According to Cisco, mobile data traffic was nearly 12 times the size of the entire Internet in 2000. This staggering growth opens up opportunities for organizations to provide platforms for consumers to connect and engage with all their content (as well as advertising) via mobiles devices. The role of the app is increasingly becoming a means to cement relationships and encourage engagement whilst producing a new revenue stream. Consider it as monetizing a personal relationship in more ways you could possibly think of.

Peggy Anne Salz is the chief analyst and founder at MobileGroove, a mobile industry author and a content marketing authority who co-authored The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps suggests says successful apps have strong foundations.

Salz says in order to achieve this success “ you have to think very carefully about what you want to achieve… The role of an app at this point in time has evolved very much to the understanding that an app is a follow-up to you making contact with me at some level.” For instance, a user may read a newspaper online and decides they would like to access the newspaper content on his phone. “So, already, almost by default, it becomes an instrument for engagement,” she says. “You like me so much that you want me with you on your most personal device.”

And don’t for a second think you have to be a developer to get in on the action. The app ecosystem or the economy if you prefer is rapidly evolving to accommodate those who think they are technologically impaired. The arrival of app component marketplace and the growth of easy-to-use programming tools are making it possible for anyone, anywhere to build an app. Check out Appy Pie to get started – The fastest growing cloud based DIY Mobile App Builder or App Creation Software (App Maker) that allows users with no programming skills, to create an app for Windows 8 Phone, Android & iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones.

In order to turn your app into a serious business you need to achieve sustained market presence from your product or service which requires you to know your audience, understand the market and PLAN for success. It seems simple right? But remember you have to do more than sell them, you have to convince consumer to make this app part of their daily routine. After all downloads really mean nothing if people are using them over and over. Jump on the bandwagon and start building those apps!

Craig Bucknall

With years of experience in website design and eCommerce solutions, along with his background in IT and Network Infrastructure support enables Craig to deliver functioning and attractive solutions to our clients.

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