How do you Sack a Client?

Oh lord – they pay me money….. I pay my mortgage.

But when they don’t listen to you, for what they pay you for, what do you do.

I always said what I do is like an endurance test. A constant education of what I know intuitively & thorough 24 years of experience starting in consumer electronics in Europe – helping companies to embrace digital and a new digital economy. It’s changed everything.

But sometimes I want to give up, because often, I get big nods and often big cheque’s, then no one acts properly on the advice I give them…groan! They make it so hard and throw up their own brick walls.

This blog post, is not directed for one company, or for me, it’s for many me’s and lot’s of  companies facing the digital native and the digital economy.

What do you do then?

How hard is it for you? Supplier (giver) Client (receiver) ?

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