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bad social media

Ten things not to do on social media

We’ve been living in a social world for more than a decade now but plenty of people, and businesses, still seem to be getting basic things wrong. Here’s a 10-point refresher on some of the things you should definitely not be doing on social media, with examples of how it can all go terribly (or […]


How a clever YouTube video set this business on the path to riches

Even if you’re not a member of the Dollar Shave Club, you probably recall the stir the brand made when it launched its product with a very clever and funny video on YouTube. That was five years ago and Dollar Shave Club is still delivering razors to customers around the world. In fact, one of […]


Five great learning resources for SMEs that won’t bust the budget

One of the great things about the internet is that you can learn so much while spending so little money—which is perfect for small business owners short on cash. As any SME operator will tell you, keeping yourself and your staff skilled and up to date can be difficult, but there are resources out there […]


Gen Z: Four things you need to know about marketing to the first truly digital generation

Just as many of us think we finally have a grasp on the wonders and mysteries of millennials, along comes a new lot to baffle and amuse the older generations: Generation Z. This is the generation born from about 1995 onwards, generally defined as the demographic cohort of five years of age to about 20. […]