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How Snapchat became the darling of next gen social media

While Facebook still looks unassailable as the king of the social media world, Snapchat has emerged as the scrappy younger cousin with a mind of its own and features that younger users can’t get enough of. Snapchat lenses and filters have infiltrated popular culture and a lot of what is driving its popularity is the […]


Five quotes from business leaders that will make you think deeply about the future

Business leaders, especially those in tech, like to do a bit of crystal ball gazing and what they sometimes predict can be pretty eye-opening stuff. It’s definitely worth paying attention to what these leaders say because they usually have a deep understanding of what’s going on in their fields and in the world around them. […]


Inside the curious world of Predata’s predictive model based on digital chatter

Now and again you come across a company doing something really intriguing and potentially disruptive. US startup Predata has links into the world of espionage through its founder, Jim Shinn, a former CIA operative who also served as an assistant secretary for East Asia at the US Department of Defense. Predata (even the name has […]


What’s blockchain and does it matter beyond fintech?

One of the hottest topics in tech and innovation over the past year has been blockchain technology. Blockchain is shaking up the global fintech industry, threatening to disrupt the way we think of fundamentals such as money, banking and finance. Blockchain technology came to prominence in the past couple of years principally through its use […]