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The Big Hack, where your closet is the safest place for secrets

Let’s face it, the only place we can keep secrets is in the actual physical closet as hacking continues to expose, shame and give away all our skeletons as well as our credit card details. Last week in the wake of the Ashley Madison scandal, I found out my husband’s email had been compromised, not […]


Digital Business Inputs – Constructive and Disruptive!

Fi Bendall discusses some digital business insights constructive and disruptive


Friends with benefits or the untapped long tail of social influence

On many occasions I have continued to prompt, push and advocate that social media influence is not really “likes”, nor is it cute marketing campaigns to drive Facebook traffic. The true commercial benefit of social media is the power of the recommendation. This week a report on social media from McKinsey Europe confirms this and […]

source: http://www.printwand.com/blog/media/2012/07/customer-satisfaction-1.jpg

Your customer experience is your customer experience, dummy!

What the customer experiences when dealing or buying from you is the definition of your brand, your company and your product, so why do so many people have an issue getting their heads around this? One of the first industries to have customer experience exposed on social media and dissected and at times destroyed is […]

What our clients say about us

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  • Grace Fodor
    We have worked with Bendall’s for sometime in the Australian market. It is clear that they are one of a few people that really understand digital and the business returns it can deliver. Their focused approach and drive and determination to enable their clients to understand and take the advantages of digital channels within an organisation, not just within the remit of marketing, is a clear asset to any company wanting to succeed in today’s market.
    Grace Fodor / CEO, Jemma Kidd Make Up
  • Heather Turner
    Bendall’s track record with our company speaks for itself, the International Gaming Portal, ATEOnline is award winning and in our 2006 survey voted as one of the most valuable resources our company offers. They established a very good product that is continuing to receive great reviews. They conceptualized a new channel through digital for us that delivered tangible business back to ATE and delivered an exacting and specific digital strategy that was visionary, creative and most importantly gave us ROI. Bendall’s has the utmost respect.
    Heather Turner / Marketing Manager, ATE
  • Anne Jamieson
    Fiona is knowledgeable about all digital delivery platforms and has worked in most of them. She also knows a lot about the gambling industry both on and offline. That knowledge combined with her drive and enthusiasm for everything she does makes her a very successful business developer and a good person to work with
    Anne Jamieson / S J and Partners LLP