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Turning digital disruption into a fresh advantage

How do you reach your target consumers in the digital age, especially when the efficacy of traditional media outlets is in serious decline? There has been a marked drop in the number of people consuming traditional media such as commercial free-to-air TV, radio and print newspapers and magazines. This shift from traditional to new media […]

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“Mumpreneurs” are here to stay and big business knows it

“Mumpreneurs” come in all shapes and sizes, and all of them deserve respect for what they are doing. Whether it’s a hobby-turned-business or a full-scale international company, it’s a sign of the progress women have made in the past few decades that we are seeing more and more women with the confidence and know-how to […]

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What Leicester’s EPL title win says about Twitter’s future prospects

Unless you were living in a cave or have an extreme aversion to sport, you probably heard all about the underdog sports story of the century last week when Leicester City toppled the giants of English football to win their first ever Premier League title. It was a pretty remarkable achievement for the Midlands club, […]

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Nudge, nudge – why choice architecture’s falling out of marketing fashion

The field of marketing, like anything else, is subject to its fair share of trends. Ideas and concepts come into fashion, some people jump on board, some decide it’s not for them, and soon enough, like last season’s must-have piece of apparel, people drop it and move on to the next shiny new thing. If […]