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What we learnt from Mark Zuckerberg’s F8 conference keynote

Mark Zuckerberg laid out his 10-year plan for Facebook in his F8 keynote speech earlier this month. The speech covered a wide range of topics, including his desire for Facebook to play an active role in building communities and opening up the world to new ideas. “We stand for connecting every person, for a global community. […]

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Can Jack Dorsey score a touchdown for Twitter with live sports streaming?

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey was in Australia last week, and while he would’ve been heartened by our enthusiasm for a hashtag, what insights did he provide about the future of the microblogging platform, and especially his quest to further monetise it through means like live sports streaming? Dorsey returned to the helm of the company […]

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Maybe you just haven’t found the right social platform yet?

We all know about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Most of us know about Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. But are you familiar with Ren Ren, Elftown or The Sphere? These are all niche social networks and while most serve a limited purpose, some could provide your business with a powerful presence in a very targeted market. […]


Getting those magic mobile micro-moments right

The shift to shopping on mobile has been underway now for a couple of years but some companies are still living in desktop times. Google has a handy suite of resources at its Designing for Mobile Micro-Moments hub to help your company develop a better mobile experience for users. You can’t afford not to think […]