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Black-faced Sheep in Herd

It’s not your competitors you have to worry about

We’ve moved away from a world of certainties where you kept an eye on three or four main competitors in your industry niche, and maybe cast an occasional derisive glance at a newcomer or two. In the age of digital disruption, the cosy confines of your niche mean nothing to the disrupters looking to steal […]


How fast is fast when it comes to technology and behaviour?

I still pinch myself remembering not so long ago being stuck to the phone on a wall or side table, with my mother listening, not being able to walk anywhere. It made for some awkward conversations! Fast forward to today, and my 12-year-old daughter is talking via Facetime video to her friend in China for […]


Fi Bendall interviewed at the Fitness Australia Conference Oct 2016

Check out Fi Bendall’s latest interview post delivery the keynote covering what is “unlearn :: rethink” at the Fitness Australia Conference.

Cooperation is the strategic solution

Turning brand advocates into community builders

We’ve all heard the quotes and statistics about how much harder it is to acquire customers as opposed to retain them. One source says it’s six to seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer rather than retain one. There’s one strategy your company can employ that is effective at both acquisition and retainment: […]