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13 simple ways to tweak and improve your Facebook business page – Part 1

Your business has probably already got a Facebook page, and if it doesn’t, you should fix that situation quick smart. Having a Facebook business page has become an essential part of any business’s digital strategy. In fact, in some sectors and industries, it might be even more important than having a website. So you have […]

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Is your business ready for the death of the website?

Is the website really on the way out or is about to become a boutique e-commerce accessory? Either way, it means businesses will have to rethink how they approach digital engagement. Most businesses, especially retailers, now have multiple options available that make their website storefronts secondary revenue generators at best or even irrelevant. The growth […]

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Bringing Business Ideas to Life Needs Support

Image Source: St. George Bank Facebook There’s something very refreshing and energising about new business ideas. The startup phase holds so much promise yet it’s such a fragile stage in the life of any business. There are plenty of great ideas out there but the real test comes in turning ideas into products with a […]

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The power of Chewbacca Mom: Why Facebook Live is one more nail in the coffin for traditional media

It’s still early days for Facebook Live, but with the weight of Facebook behind it and the buzz being positive so far, are we seeing yet one more nail in the coffin of traditional media? Facebook Live is a live video streaming function within the Facebook app. It was launched about a year ago, rolled […]