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No money for marketing? Some easy tips for zero budget small businesses

Money’s too tight to mention, as the song goes. So how do you get hero returns from your zero marketing budget? What are some of the cheap and cheery things you can do to get your small business noticed? Here’s a list of 13 marketing tips that require very little money but maybe a little […]

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What is ‘crowdspeaking’ and could it help you reach a bigger audience for your business?

Platforms like Thunderclap are offering people, causes and brands the opportunity to aggregate their social media reach by using “crowdspeaking”, which is a way of coordinating all your social media support together for one campaign in order to break through and get your message heard. The idea of aggregating the power of your social media […]

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Customer service in the age of social media: Five pitfalls to watch out for

More and more businesses are using social media to respond to customers about all sorts of issues. It’s handy and encourages us to engage and listen to our customers, but there are some pitfalls you have to look out for – not all interactions end well. Part of the deal with running active social accounts […]


Snapchat filters are the new TV ad for Millennials

Big brands have recognised the power of Snapchat filters as a uniquely Millennial way of getting their message seen. Don’t know what a Snapchat filter is? Well, firstly, Snapchat is a social media app that allows its users to send messages that disappear after a set time, usually 10 seconds. Snapchat “stories” can be seen […]