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Businesswoman All Taped Up

Employment potential of SMEs stymied by red tape, taxes and entitlement

We’ve become accustomed to hearing about small business being the engine room of the economy, but the reality is the engine is spluttering, especially when it comes to employment. Despite the best intentions of the federal government’s most recent budget, the SME sector still faces significant barriers to reaching its potential as a driver of […]


Don’t get left on the shelf: Nine personal branding tips

Brand is just as important for individuals as it is for products. Without a strong personal brand, you’re bound to be left on the shelf to gather dust. Personal branding is about presenting yourself authentically and engagingly to prospective clients, employers and more broadly, people in your industry. It’s not about being everything to everybody […]


Five pieces of business wisdom to celebrate five decades

Certain birthdays inspire us to reflect a little on where we’ve been and where we’re going in life. I turned 50 this week and had a wonderful weekend celebrating the milestone with family and friends. One of the topics of conversation that came up was what I had learnt from the past five decades: what […]

Illuminated green exit sign on wooden plank wall

The when, why and how of your business exit plan

A well-considered exit plan is too often overlooked by entrepreneurs. It’s understandable because the here, now and not-too-distant future takes up so much of our time and energy. Who has time to think about an exit when you’re busy running a business? Well you should start your exit planning now; don’t leave it until you’re […]